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Fitaly follows the Abruzzi tradition of a food offering that concentrates on ingredients that are farmed or cultivated rather than modified and produced. These foods are celebrated on the plate by facilitating their natural flavour and keeping them as true to their natural form as possible – what we know today as ‘clean eating’. The Abruzzi were historically clean eating as a means of survival and fitness, consuming lots of plant-based food, lean meat proteins and complex carbohydrates – three necessary elements to aid against cancers, diabetes, maldigestion, high cholesterol, the list goes on. Although steeped in tradition, these ingredients and food combinations are easy to replicate and even easier to make at home. We make a selection of these dishes from scratch every day in our kitchen for you to enjoy the immense benefit of natural, high protein and plant-based food on the go. Our staple ingredients are delivered to us in Kensington directly from small towns and farms in Abruzzo to achieve a completely authentic Italian flavour.

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