La Cucina Povera


Abruzzo: Italy’s Last Wilderness

Fitaly was born in Abruzzo. It is one of the most unique of the Italian regions, stretching from the east of Rome onto the Adriatic Sea. An undiscovered and untouched mountainous terrain that softly descends into the sea, its wild and rugged personality teaches us about the power of nature, and a powerful food heritage steeped in ancient tradition. Pastoral, mountain and coastal food influences have blended together to create a cuisine unique from other Italian regions. Traditionally, natural ingredients were used as staple ‘survival’ ingredients for local shepherds as a source of nutrition. Slow-cooked meat in alpine herbs; fresh white fish; aromatic garden vegetables such as fennel, red pepper and artichokes; freshly cultivated beans, lentils and spelt for soup, sheep’s milk cheeses, carefully dug up truffles and virgin olive oils from the immense stretch of olive trees dominating the terrain. Mediterranean dietAbruzzo has created a stunningly pure version of the Mediterranean diet, using foods that have been farmed, aqua farmed or cultivated- keeping simplicity and purity on the dinner plate. It is this purity of food that Fitaly is completely passionate about serving.

Allergy-friendly food for everyone

Eating out with allergies shouldn’t mean having half a version of a meal. Fitaly believes that everyone deserves a shot at enjoying something tasty to eat without compromising their dietary constraints, and we have the ingredients to make it happen. We have a strong menu for gluten-free, egg-free and vegan eaters and work in our own kitchen with an array of gluten-free flours, de-lactosed and other free-from products sourced from Italy. We have a gorgeous selection of teatime cakes and biscuits which are gluten-free, nut-free and vegan, so coffee and a bite to eat can be enjoyed without worry. And for those who don’t have a medical constraint but may want to cut down on gluten- we serve a lot of our dishes with Spelt- healthier wheat from Abruzzo which is naturally higher in protein and lower in gluten for better digestibility.